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Loxton Health Centre provides various clinics to enhance your health care and improve your access to allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and dieticians.

*Routinely Bulk Billed

Anaesthetics Preoperative advice from one of our 3 GPs qualified to provide anaesthetics  given prior to upcoming operations.
Asthma Clinic* 1 hour (for new patients) or half hour (for review patients) yearly check for patients with asthma or COAD; conducted by one of our nurses and reviewed by one of our general practitioners. Ensures up to date asthma management plans, advice about puffer use and technique and more.
Cardiac Clinic* 1 ½ hour appointment with our cardiac nurse and reviewed by one of our GPs, for all patients who have a heart problem such as angina, heart attack (myocardial infarction), palpitations/atrial fibrillation and heart valve problems. For review of general cardiac health and referral to appropriate support services.

Confidential support by appointment, provided by mental health trained counsellors, Robyn Size and RDGP. Requires at referral from your GP.

Diabetic clinic* 1 hour yearly check for diabetic patients, conducted by one of our diabetic nurses and reviewed by one of our general practitioners.
Enhanced Primary Care* 1 hour appointment for patients with a chronic health condition requiring care from a multidisciplinary team, eg your GP and physiotherapist, dietician, dentist, podiatrist, pharmacist, psychologist or chiropractor. Conducted by one of our nurses and reviewed by your GP, this enables you access to allied health care at a reduced cost to you.
Health assessments  
  • 45-49 year old
Aiming to identify any risk factors for long term health problems, this health assessment is conducted by one of our nurses and reviewed by one of our doctors. Includes review of blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, and lifestyle risk factors.
  • 75+

With the aim of identifying any risk factors or hazards for elderly patients, this health assessment, conducted by one of our nurses and reviewed by one of our doctors, enables an in depth look at your current health status and develops a plan to improve your overall well being.
Conducted in 2 parts, the first appointment involves a nurse from Loxton Health Centre visiting you in your home (if living within 15km of Loxton) and usually takes 45-60 minutes. If preferred, or for those living beyond 15km of Loxton, appointments can be made at the surgery.
The second appointment, usually lasting 20-30 minutes,  will then be made by the nurse for your to see your doctor and address any issues relevant to the initial consult.

Immunisations* Conducted by our registered nurses, on alternate Monday's and Wednesday's for the immunisation of babies, all school children and adults. Please bring your child’s Blue Book and Medicare Card and allow ½ hour (15mins for appointment and 15mins after the vaccination for observation in case of an allergic reaction to the vaccine).
Q Fever

Conducted by our trained Doctor. Requiring two consultations. The first is a double appointment requiring paperwork, Skin test, and a Blood test to be done. The second appointment, a week later, is a single appointment requiring further paperwork, results and if eligible vaccination. These appointments are not covered by Medicare. Please enquire of costs at the time of booking.

SA Pathology Between 8.30am –midday weekdays, the SA Pathology nurses are available to take blood samples ordered by your doctor or specialist. Bookings not usually required only for a few specific tests. No out of pocket cost to you.
Obstetrics (LUMOS) A committed team of midwives and doctors work together to optimize each woman’s care during pregnancy, birth and baby’s first 6 weeks of life. Complete antenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies or shared care with specialist obstetrician support in Berri, Adelaide or Mildura for complicated pregnancies. Birthing at Loxton Hospital including caesarean section and epidural services, if required.
Save our Skin
Lesion Assessment and Management Clinic (SOS)

Early detection and management of skin cancer is important. A trained Skin Clinic Nurse will take a history of your sun exposure, previous lesions, treatments and all patients will undergo a full body skin check.  A GP assigned to the SOS Clinic will check any areas of concern   Photographs (with your permission) of any lesion/moles of concern to either you or the doctor will be photographed and stored for future reference.

Initial attendance fee is $80.  Further visits for management of previously detected lesions will be bulk-billed.

Sleep Studies Fitted at the Health centre and performed in your own home and provided by Mycroft after referral by your GP. Our nurse, Sandy Kanizay, ensures appropriate usage of the monitoring devices. Half hour appointments occur on alternate Mondays.
Women’s Health Appointment

Women of all ages have the opportunity to consult with our nurse, specifically trained through SHINE SA regarding women's and sexual health. Held Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - 1pm, these appointments are not covered by Medicare. Please enquire about the cost at the time of booking.

Advice regarding contraception, breast awareness, post natal issues, menopause, continence and sexually transmitted infections is available. Pap Smears can also be performed if required.